⭐ Ethics and Philosophy

Why do I read Tarot?

I read Tarot because I believe that it can be a helpful tool in our lives. I started by reading for myself. I found that looking at the cards and the messages of the cards helped me in my daily life. It helped me see situations, struggles, my relationships, etc from a new perspective. The way that I see and use Tarot – it’s a reflection of our intuition and it mirrors to us what we know, but haven’t been able to bring to the surface of our mind and recognize. Then, when those messages are brought to light, we can choose what to do with them – either work with it, or put it aside until we are ready to deal with it. (Cue the Tarot deck: sending you the same card over and over.)

Reading for others is an absolute joy for me. The reason that I opened my Etsy Shop is because I love reading for people. I read for friends and family every chance they would let me, but I still wanted to read more! So, I decided to open the shop and let people looking for a reading find me. It’s a win-win!


Ethics are extremely important to me. I would never do anything that exploits another person. My readings provide value and insight to my clients. I set up my readings and my spreads to make sure that this is the case. I don’t read just anything anyone asks me because I do think that there are things that Tarot cannot answer. Also, people come to Tarot Readers and show vulnerability when they open up and ask a question. I respect and value that vulnerability.

Do I believe that Tarot can predict the future?

Yes. But let me tell you more about it. I believe that Tarot can see the path you’re currently on and where you’re headed at the moment of the reading. BUT – that path and that trajectory may change. You can change it – I’m a huge believer that in the idea that we can change our paths, our lives, our futures. I don’t believe in fate or destiny written before we are born. Or the Universe can change it – as we all experienced in 2020.

Things I don’t read:

  • Anything medical – A doctor will best answer medical questions
  • Anything Legal – Again, best left to the professionals
  • Thoughts of others (like “How does he feel about me?”) – It’s best to talk to someone directly rather than asking the cards what someone is thinking. I do read the energy surrounding a relationship / friendship – it’s slightly different.