Stop Shopping for a Message in Tarot

Sometimes a Tarot Reading is not the answer and you just need a journal. You need to find the answer yourself.

When someone says, “I went to another reader and they said this… can you confirm?”

Absolutely not.

Not because I think they were wrong or right… but because I can see that you’re shopping for a message. You are going to go from tarot reader to tarot reader until someone finally tells you want you want to hear.

That tells me that you’re not ready or willing to listen to the message of the cards so I will not spend my precious energy to give a reading to someone who has shown that they are not ready to listen to the message.

My advice to you is to take a break, take a step back and reflect about what you’re afraid of and or what you want so badly that you just want someone to tell you that it’s coming?

If it’s something you’re afraid of… do some shadow work. (Get your Free Shadow Work Journal here). Dig deep into what is causing the feel and ask yourself how to address it.

If you keep asking about something you desire, reflect on that. This one is less about shadow work and more about asking yourself what you want specifically and then map out steps to reach that thing or that goal… and then put in the work.

If it’s about love though, then shadow work may be helpful. Dig into your childhood wounds and figure out why you want it so badly. People can smell desperation from a mile away and it’s a repellent. Do your shadow work, and suddenly you’ll start attracting people again.

You can do shadow work with tarot, but if you’re shopping for a message, you need to do this on your own.

This is not the message you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear.

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