XVII – The Star

Musical Tarot Associations

The Star card represents hope, especially a renewed hope. It’s the card right after The Tower.

The Tower came in to uproot you and shake up your life in a major way (lose your job? Relationship? Your faith in your religion? An idea about the world or yourself?). The Tower is the universe saying, “This is going to hurt, but it’s in your best interest.

Then the Star card comes in to renew your faith and hope. The Star card comes and gives you a hug and reminds you that it’s going to be okay. If the Tower card is the father – who coldly does what’s best for you without telling you why, the Star card is the mother who hugs you and shows you the reason why you had to have that rude awakening and how it’s actually better for you.

The song that is like a warm hug and renewal of hope for me is “Here Comes the Sun,” by the Beetles.

There are some obvious connections between renewal in the song like, “It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter… It feels like years since it’s been here,” but it’s more about the feeling that the song inspires.

What makes it feel like a warm, comforting message of hope and better things to come is the, “Little darling,” like something our mother or father would say to us when cheering us up.

Or maybe it’s the idea of a sunrise – I’m all about new beginnings, so maybe that’s just my personal interpretation. What about you? What song do you associate with the Star card? Or what does the song remind you of? Let me know.

Here’s a link to a playlist of all the Musical Tarot Associations, if you’d like to listen to more.

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